El Padrino Steakhouse Brings their Spanish-Mediterranean Flair to Jakarta

Reviews September 29, 2023 by Dinda Mulia

El Padrino is the golden child born from the joint forces between Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and the Godfather of Javanegra Gourmet Atelier, Chef Andrea Peresthu. A new steakhouse for the meat-lovers to explore, Chef Andrea brings his years of expertise in Spanish cuisine and the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean spices to the dining scene in Jakarta.

Nestled on the East Wing of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, a grand stairwell spans above a small Mediterranean garden, offering a contrast to the classic Javanese decor of the hotel. The clean beige walls of the new restaurant, arched windows and tiled floors reflect a modernised Spanish-style home, imbued with its Mediterranean warmth adapted just for the city.

Domed with broken white ceilings, and encircling wrought iron trellis, where each window is accompanied by a dining booth, the interior in El Padrino offers you the warmth of the classic colonial Spanish décor while maintaining a sense of privacy for every table.

The entire venue covers ninety-nine seats with two VIP dining rooms, each can hold up to 8 persons, with an adjustable divider between the two areas that transforms into one large private space.

The restaurant offers its speciality in gourmet-dry aged steaks grilled over charcoal wood and served directly onto your table. Guests can of course choose how they would like their steaks to be cooked, leaving it to sizzle on the hot stones. The meat comes in two tantalising options, the classic style and the full blood wagyu reserva; a FUTARI reserved full blood wagyu from Two People’s bay, exclusively imported for Chef Andrea Peresthu’s establishments in Indonesia.

The Spanish-Mediterranean twist comes alive in their menu, from their tapas, pasta, classic Spanish specialities such as the Paella Marinera, arborio rice cooked in seafood stock with shrimps, calamari and clams or the Fideua de Marisco, a Catalan-style seafood paella with pasta. The Tagliatelle in Wheel Parmigiano is a must try, as well as the Spaghetti ala Busara with Venetian tomato-based pasta and king prawn. Finish off your meal with a cheese platter with Spanish cured Manchego from Bellota, reserva cheese selections from 45 months Comte from Marcel Petite, Ouder Rotterdamsche, and many more. Choose your best wine pairing for the perfect meal finale!


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